Friday, December 7, 2012


I will tuck my concerns under the layers of poise
you dig out some emotions under the piles of  nonchalance.

your ego amuses me now
 you spent all your energy
to build it so high
I will give it to you,
you are-

I  will take a pause
and let you  indulge
 in this feeling of  self importance

while you feed  your pride
I will feed the ducks.

The glass wall between us
let us see each other
without a conversation
muted or otherwise

I hear your silence
above the din
wonder how many doubts
bury deep within

I know a language
not different from yours
yet  you speak  some words
beyond me

You wear your indifference
with such an aplomb
I wonder ,if
It is homegrown,
or borrowed!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful lines !!!

I know a language
not different from yours
yet you speak some words
beyond me

Dolly Singh said...

I guess most people know this feeling of helplessness :)