Tuesday, June 12, 2018


no furs,
or diamonds
or sapphires
silks or satins
gladden my insides
as your fervent
urgent, and

the ache within
the endless quest
for love
until eternity.

 desires are
little needles
that prick the soul
 the ache
that happily
ignores the cure



I miss the ache
that sought solace
 in your kisses.
The assurance of the hand
that held  mine
in testing times.

I miss the look
that wore warmth
to thaw the icicles
of my soul.

I miss the storms
that made me seek shelter
 in your embrace

Lost and forlorn
I miss everything
about you

Friday, June 8, 2018

A Lonely Rainy Day

 I roam aimlessly,
 bearing your thought,
on a rain drenched afternoon.

The world walks past me
absorbed in its pace
One is never lonelier
than on a rainy day

I look for you
peering into the mist
the fecund downpour
fails to wash off
your thoughts
The illusion stays with me
bearing the audacity of rain
I gush towards you,
my wild wild ways defy your
stolid anchor.

I am impulsive
and give way, often,
to exuberance
Your sobriety
holds me steady.

But look,
how I wrap you, at last,
 in my embrace
and leave you soaked in love!

The DNA of your thought

The cells and molecules
Of your thought
Stacked together,
Rather, funnily.
Resulting in a formation
That is completely
I find myself
Wandering in your thought
Helpless and lost
A maze
 Hard to explore
Harder to solve.
And you find me there
Completely vulnerable
Raw and uncertain

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Compromise.

And then
it didn't matter
how, and
we crumbled
under the onslaught
of compromises,
killing spirit
and, donning the garb of
Love and other trivialities
lost to
our egos that reigned supreme

And then,
It didn't matter
what remained in the end

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Lonesome Moon

And the moon
floated across the expanse of the sky,
almost pompously.
Veiled occasionally
by the gossamer screen
of pearly white clouds
yet at times, strutting proudly
in all its majesty.

She wondered,
as the Moon peered through
her lace curtains,
if the moon was ever