Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Beautiful Lies...

He loved the spring in my eyes.
Of rain washed spaces
And placid, azure skies
Just as I liked in his,
The ferocity of storm..
And passionate highs.

He thought my eyes gleamed a light,
Luminous and bright.
I thought,I had cleverly kept
Tears out of his sight.

His eyes spoke with mine.
A language unheard,
Sensual,yet sublime.
My face felt a strange heat,
Heart,beating a staccato rhyme.

My mind attuned to his rhetoric
His oft-repeated love song.
The heart craved for another music
Something magical,
To pull me along..

I marveled at his belief,that
Stared right in my eye.
He believed in my deception
As I basked in my beautiful lie.

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