Saturday, December 18, 2010


In our togetherness.
Getting bigger.

Trust, you know,
They exist.
And realise too,
With trepidation,
They do serve a purpose.

We come close,and
Walking in opposite direction.
The Words,
Bounce off and return
Deprived of attention.

There is a comfort in your shadow,
As you trail,
My stride.
On our separate mental realms,
We stand our ground.
As if,
Almost, duty bound.

We stay, resolutely
In our togetherness.
The space,
With our own nooks
A bubble encapsulating us,
Spacing us out,


Nidhi said...

like reading yr poem...simple to read yet saying things which r far deeper...yr poems have rhythm almost like a song....great control over writing skills...u r a wordsmith

Dolly Singh said...

Thanks Nidhi:)

abhi said...

Jab sawan mein tanha bheegoge,
Jab aangan khali paoge,
Jab Saahil se takraati lehron mein,
Apni tanhai mein kho jaoge,
Jab raat ke tanha daman mein tum chand ko aadha paoge,
Jab Khud se batein karte karte door kahin kho jaoge,
Jab dil ki baat chupane ko humse nazrein churaoge,
Main tumse mohabbat karti hoon har baar yeh sunna chahoge,
In sab lamhon mein jaan lena…
Tum ‘Tum’ Nahin ‘Hum’ ban jaoge…

Dolly Singh said...

Nice lines,Abhi
Thanks for the visit :)