Monday, April 7, 2008

Spare her a thought...

Moments before the light turned green,
A rap on the window broke my reverie.
Peering inside my rolled up window,
A picture in rags stood now.

Hand extended, face contorted
A feeble voice, message thwarted
Blank response to my mute empathy
And my mind tossed in a quandary.

I could avert my face and ignore her,
Or, pay for the somersaults she performed mid-road
Acrobatics in the middle of the roads
Busy intersections, screaming horns.

That little girl of seven perhaps,
Pausing for no breather between the laps.
Contrasting indifference to commendable feat,
The child of seven, trying to swallow defeat

Some alms thrown in disdain,
Some words of contempt barely contained
She, but, bore them all
Proud dignity in a frame so small

A voice called out from somewhere
She ran there to collect the fare
The light, but, turned green
And she watched in despair.

As the traffic sped past her,
She stood waiting for the next halt to occur.

I carried home the little girl’s plight
She stayed with me through the night.
Morning after, the light dawned new
Her thought evaporated like misty dew….


anil kumar said...

rafta rafta mai jindgi ke gam pe rahi hu,
bachi hu 7 saal ke aur bhooki pyasi ji rahi hu.
duneya mai ab ek he cheez muze hai bus dekhai deti,
do took mil jaye is pat ko, itni iccha hai ab saf saf dekhai deti.
bhagwan to kabhi nahi aya ,jab bhi hai usko bulaya.

aye ho to tum log he aye ho,
buza do es pat ke agg,
de do bus thoda sa anaaj.
bus aaj ke leye bhuj jaye ye pyas.

per koi bola.....
nahi melaga tuze kuch aaj.

bachi ke aank mai asu aa gai.
pet ki bhuk,anko mai nikal ayi.

roz dekta hu ye tamasha.
is sadak aur us sadak ,baram bar hazaram bar.

tune uski yaad raat bhar raki ,
ek poem banai, aur subhe yaad hawa mai hai udai.

kar bhi kya sakti hai tu,
us bacchi ki tere bhawagn pe nirbhar hai tu.

may this nature remind all people much work we all have to do. so that we also sleep every night with no thought at all.

its all about selfishness ,as we all want to hv a nice sleep.

amen amen amen.

Scribbler said...

Very impressed.

The imagery was simply awesome

keep it rollin;)